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Do you want Slim?

You can fold Fedora S7 by the touch of a button with one hand as it has smart sliding folding system that no other can mimic. 

Deluxe stroller Fedora S7 will provide you amazing convenience and compactness as well as spacy stroller function


Key Features:

  • Dual facing mode: Stroller can be operated while baby is facing forward (forward mode) or facing the mother (backward mode)
  • 3.5 cm wide frame: The wide frame provided the Fedora S7 outstanding stability and ensures safety when you navigate the stroller
  • Easy auto folding: Auto Folding that uses gravity lets you fold the stroller easily without great effort. In addition, the size of folded stroller is compact and available for self-standing, which requires less space and allows to be stored at your veranda or porch, and can prevent contamination of the seat
  • Best quality black seat fabric: The 3D cushion wraps the ergonomically designed streamlined shaped seat and offers comfort like a mother’s arm and sufficient internal shape
  • Lightweight deluxe type stroller: The total weight of the stroller including the sunshade is 9.4kg, which is designed for weak force women to handle with ease
  • 5-step angle adjustment footrest: According to the child’s stage of growth, you can adjust the angle of the footrest in 5 steps by pressing the buttons located at the left and the right of footrest
  • Shopping basket: Our spacious and strong shopping basket can load up to 5kg, and it’s removable which is easy to clean
  • Auto swivel lock: No matter which direction the wheels are heading, only if you raise the lever, the rotation of wheels automatically fixed during
  • Seat adjustable: You can attach and detach the seat by pressing the button, and forward facing mode is available for sympathy of the mother and child
  • One-touch angle adjustment: Regardless of the direction watching the front or the back, you can adjust the seat angle into 3 steps through the seat laver with one of your both hands
  • Safety lock: By releasing the safety lock located at the centre of the handle grip, and turning over the folding lock at the right side of the frame you can fold it
  • Sunshade: You can check the status of your child’s ride in the stroller through the child observation window while driving without folding the sunshade


Made in Korea


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