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Do you want Sense?

The stroller chosen by 10 million meticulous Korean mom. Constantly upgrading to meet the satisfaction of mom and baby, and being appreciated by the most intelligent moms in the world.

Perfect to the details, the gift full of pride. Fedora S9!


Key Features:

  • Perfect-base frame system: The trapezoid structure of the base frame supports the safety of stroller from the surface under any environment. It is the most ideal structure that dispersers the centre of gravity evenly as it comes downwards, by which the feel of weight is provides convenience of driving for the mother and comfort of the seat for the baby
  • HUB ball bearing: The bearing applied for Fedora S9 is the ball bearing used in the driving system like cars. The balls in the bearing make it possible to drive the stroller with little power. As consequence, Fedora S9 provides conveniences of the driving while reducing the wrist burden for the driver who has to use the stroller for a long time
  • Dual facing mode: Stroller can be operated while the baby is facing forward (forward mode) or facing the mother (backward mode)
  • Folding system: It has the sliding folding system that can be folded frame to frame smoothly and quickly at a touch of the button. The folded stroller is available for self-standing and requires less space that allows to be stored at your veranda, porch, and can prevent the contamination of the seat
  • Foot brake: It is possible to brake the Fedora S9 easily by one-touch foot brake and you can easily see the braking and driving status through indicator equipped in the stroller
  • Safety guard: The safety guard that operates from left to right and from right to left is easy to open and ride in the stroller while holding the child
  • Adjustable 3-steps sunshade: The sunshade combined with UV protection is equipped with extendable auxiliary sunshade which can be easily adjustable in 3 steps


Made in Korea


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