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Best quality baby diapers. Made in Japan

Your baby wears a diaper almost all the time everyday. It is very important that you choose the best quality diapers for your baby as their skin is very sensitive and easily irritated. Nepia gives comfort and protect your baby’s skin all day long. Made of best quality and very soft materials, with high absorbance power that will help to protect irritation on baby’s skin. Give the best for your little one!

Nepia Diapers are available in 2 types: Pants and Tape. Choose the right size for your baby so it will give them comfort.


Key Features:

  • Wet-level indicator. The color will change when the diaper is already wet and needs to be changed
  • Side protector to avoid urine leakage
  • A very soft material on the inside surface, with the presence of pores to give air circulation, to ensure that the skin is cool, comfortable and does not perspire easily
  • High absorbance power, to avoid urine leakage
  • Strong tape that can be used multiple times

Made in Japan


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Nepia Tape Type:
  • NB84 (newborn up to 5 kg): 84 pieces per pack
  • S72 (4 kg - 8 kg): 72 pieces per pack
  • M63 (6 kg - 12 kg): 63 pieces per pack
  • L54 (9 kg - 14 kg): 54 pieces per pack
Nepia Pants Type:
  • L30 (9 kg - 14 kg): 30 pieces per pack
  • B26 (12 kg): 26 pieces per pack
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